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Experience Fengyang Huagu (Fengyang Flower Drum) in Anhui China

Fengyang Huagu, also called Huagu Xiaoluo or Shuangtiaogu, is a local Quyi genre in Fengyang County, East China's Anhui Province. The origin of Fengyang Flower Drum, formed during theMing Dynasty(1368-1644), mingles with sorrow and sadness. At that time, plagued by floods and droughts, many people were forced to leave their homes and went out begging, usually in pairs: one beat the drum, the other beat the gong, and they sang together. When your Yangtze River cruises come to Anhui region region, you should never forget to experience the Fengyang Huagu there.

Most performers were husband and wife, or sisters-in-law. This was the earliest form of Fengyang Flower Drum. During the performance, the two sang together while sitting on a bench and beat gongs and drums without the accompaniment of thread or string instruments. Discovering the Fengyang Huagu of the Anhui region would be a much interesting experience along your China tours of Anhui region.

Later, Shuangtiaogu replaced Flower Drum, i.e. the performer that holds a small drum in her left hand and beats it with a double-drum arrow in her right hand. Flower Drum artists brought back many kinds of folk songs and music from other places, gradually enriched arias of Fengyang Flower Drum and developed several dancing and singing forms based on Flower Drum tunes. It is no wonder that so many agents have extended their Shangri-la tour to Anhui region, offering travelers great chances to experience Hui culture along their trip. In this case, Fengyang Huagu would be a must-have for them.

Fengyang Flower Drum does not have long traditional repertoires, its contents are mainly love stories and the singing style is relatively flexible. Fengyang Flower Drum is widespread and has a certain influence on the tunes and performance styles of Quyi arts in other places. Students particularly like to learn the Fengyang Huagu along their student tours to China of Anhui region.

Since the opening and reform in 1978, Fengyang Flower Drum has become a popular entertainment which locals perform enthusiastically to celebrate special occasions. No longer singing sorrowful ditties, it now is sung to tell of love stories and new lives, absorbing modern artistic elements. With its unique local flavor, Fengyang Flower Drum is becoming famous both at home and abroad. Many businessmen also like to discover the Fengyang Huagu when their China business travel come to Anhui region.

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