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Explore the Delicious Chaohu Silverfish in Anhui China

There are about 14 species silverfishes available in China. Neosalunx taihuensis is the most famous species. It is named as it lives in Taihu (a fresh water lake in China). Silverfish is also called Chinese Whitebait, Icefish, Noodlefish etc. Silver fish is a kind of freshwater fish. They live in some freshwater lakes only around Yangzi River in China such as Taihu, Chaohu, Poyanghu etc. When your travel to Shangri-la come to Anhui region, you should never forget to taste the Chaohu silverfish(Anhui). Silver fish has the following characteristics:

Transparent. The whole body of alive silver fish is transparent. The foreside body looks cylindric and rearward body a little flat. The head is flat also and mouth is very short. It will die immediately after leaving from water and turn in to milk white and semi transparent. Silver fish has no bone,only has gristle. They almost have no scale also, only have 1 row of scale on body. Many businessmen also like to taste the Chaohu silverfish(Anhui) along their China business travel of Anhui.

One year live. The life of silver fish is only one year. Silverfish have 2 reproduce groups. The adult fish will die after giving birth. The baby silverfish will grow up to adult in the same year. The 2 reproduce groups are Spring Group and Autumn Group. No China tours to Anhui is complete if the Chaohu silverfish(Anhui) is missed.

Silverfish is very delicious. As the fish is transparent, it looks very nice. The harvest season of silverfish is from Sep to Nov. The quantity of silver fish is not so big, only hundreds tons per season. As the quantity of silverfish is not big, the process of silverfish is also not prevail. They can by packed as block frozen or dry. Taste the Chaohu silverfish(Anhui) in Anhui and see how different the flavor is between Anhui food and Yunnan food tasted along your Shangri-la tour.

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