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Explore the Miao Ethnic Group Further

Crafts of the Miao People

The Miao people are very skilled at handicrafts, such as embroidering, weaving, paper-cutting, batik, and jewelry casting. The Miao embroidery and silver jewelry are delicate and beautiful. From hats, collars, and cuffs to skirts and baby carriers, the patterns on their clothes are extremely colorful, complicated but with clean lines. Girls of around seven will learn embroidering from mothers and sisters, and when they become teenagers, they are quite deft. Many businessmen particularly like to buy some crafts along their China business travel of Yunnan in order to find some potential business opportunities.

Clothes of the Miao People

Clothes of the Miao ethnic minority are diverse across regions. Men wear short coats and trousers, while women decorate themselves with very dainty and dazzling skirts and jewels. On their skirts, there are many patterns taking themes from life such as flowers, birds, etc. One of the most attractive, pleated skirts has as many as forty layers! Students also like to dress the clothes of the Miao people for photographing along their China educational tours of Yunnan.

New Rice Tasting Festival

The New Rice Tasting Festival is worth mentioning. To express their gratitude for the harvest, they will stream the newly ripe rice, brew wine with new rice, cook dishes with newly-picked vegetables and freshly caught fish. If your China tours of Yunnan just fall onto this period, you should never miss exploring the New Rice Tasting Festival of the Miao people.

Lusheng Dance

The Lusheng dance is a unique musical performance of the Miao ethnic minority during nearly every celebration. While playing the lusheng, a kind of wind instrument, they dance in demanding patterns, and sing to each other. Along your China tour, appreciating the Lusheng Dance is of course a must-have for your Yunnan trip.

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