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Ciqikou Old Town, a Must-have for Your Chongqing Travel

Situated on the bank of the Jia Ling River, not far from its confluence with the mighty Yangtze is the ancient village of Ci Qi Kou, formerly known as Long Yin. Covering an area of some 1.2 square kilometres (291.6 acres) it is 14 kilometres to the west of Chongqing Municipality. If your China tours fall to Chongqing, you should never miss visiting this ancient town, where the antique atmosphere would be offered.

It was named as it had supplied large amount of porcelain dating during Qing and Ming Dynasty. However, the village was also an important supply post for shipping on the river, a fact that explains why there are so many shops lining the twelve lanes paved with their large flagstones that form the main routes. Here you will find many outlets for craftwork, groceries and the like as well as a horologist, photography supplies, drugstore and a tempting supply of roasted nuts and seeds. As one would expect there are also many teashops and restaurants to cater for the many visitors who come to see something of a way of life that has existed here for so many centuries.

It is often said that a visit to China is a cultural experience. This is never more true than when you visit a place such as Ci Qi Kou where you will find the local residents dedicated to their traditional way of life, unaffected by modern influences to be found in the larger towns and cities. Above all, you will find a friendly welcome awaits you as the people of Ci Qi Kou share their special way of life with you for the duration of your visit. The Ciqikou Old Town would be the great highlight for your Chongqing travel.



Many restaurants and small shops lots of different kinds of snacks and gourmet food.

Tourist shops.

Restaurant boat.

A place to see how things looked 60 years ago.

A preserved classroom where Samuel CC Ting studied.


“Face Changing” Sichuan Opera performance at a teahouse.

Various flavors of fried red chili peppers.

Traveling Information:

Transportation: Ciqikou Old Town is about 3 or 4 kilometers away from the main Shapingba retail and business center, so you can take buses or taxis.

The area is a pedestrian area.

There are more rustic buildings and older looking streets away from the entrance. You can walk south along the main street away from the entrance and leave behind the crowds of tourists.

Nearby Attractions:

Other attractions in the urban area include the Three Gorges Museum and the Great Hall of the People. They are next to each other. The Chongqing Zoo is a popular highlight in the southern part of the city. Chongqing University is about three kilometers away along the river. For exploring Chinese ancient town, no China tour packages are complete without covering Ciqikou Old Town.

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