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Experience the History of the Bai Ethnic Group China Further

There is also some national controversy about the ethnic composition of Dali Kingdom. While Chinese historians have no doubt that is a mainly Bai kingdom, Thailand historians suggest that the ancestors of the Dai were the ruler of this kingdom. This may be the reason why many students particularly like enjoy the educational tours in China of Yunnan discovery, so that they could get close to the Chinese ethnic groups in depth along their trip.

Anyway, the years that follow the Mongolian conquest of Yunnan, and the establishment of the Yuan dynasty, were lived as a peaceful dynastic change in Yunnan lands. Only after the Ming emperors consolidated their power in the Central Plains, they started the effective control of Yunnan. From then on Chinese and Bai cohabit peaceful in this region of Yunnan. Many of the Bai nobility kept their political power until the end of the Chinese dynasties. Dali was the main political, economical and trading center in Yunnan. No travel to Shangri-la are complete if discovering the Bai ethnic groups are missed.

During the dynastic times have been some occasional uprisings. The most important of them was the Muslims lead Panthay Rebellion that in the 19th century created a country seeking recognition by the European powers. Why not take the China tours of Yunnan to discover the Bai ethnic groups’ history further along your trip?

After more than a decade of rule over Yunnan, the Panthay regimen was overturned in one of the bloodiest wars in the province. The bloodshed that followed the end of Panthay Rebellion left its marks well into the 20th century, when the Republican and Communist administration narrowed their control of Bai lands. Nowadays more of the Bai, living as lowland farmers around Erhai Lake, have a quiet live working in their rice fields, only disturbed by the occasional arrival of a bus loaded with tourists. May be this just show us the reason why so many travelers still prefer to visit Yunnan area to discover the daily life of the Chinese ethnic groups after they have enjoyed the beauty of China along their Yangtze River cruises.

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