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Experience Yangshuo Cultural Relic Landscape Garden in China Further

In the southeast of Yangshuo County, there lies the Yangshuo Cultural Relic Landscape Garden. This garden is famous for the many intriguing inscriptions, pavilions and natural beauty. It is also endowed with some of spectacular water scenery for which the Li River is so popular. The garden has three famous cultural relics, Jingguan Path (Scenery Path), Jian Shan Temple and Ying Jiang Pavilion, which attract tourists from around the world. No China tours of China natural beauty discovery are complete if the Yangshuo County is missed.

The main hall houses three figures of Buddha each over 7 meters high (about 22.97 feet) that show a sense of the sublime. Some forty-eight josses add to the atmosphere of the temple which attracts tourists from all over the world. Backed by the Green Lotus Peak, the Jian Shan Temple overlooks the torrential Li River and standing in front of the temple, you can see the surging water that passes by all year round. It is no wonder that so many tour companies have arranged the Yangshuo discovery along their Yangtze River cruises deals to promote sales.

To the east of the Jian Shan Building, the Yingjiang Pavilion stands quietly on the mountainside. It is an eight-angled pavilion with two storeys. Unlike a traditional pavilion, the upper floor has seven windows and one gate, and from each of these, there are uniquely different views of the county seat, the river alongside, sunrise, sunset and so on. Lose yourself in the breathtaking Yangshuo area, and you would have an illusion of enjoying a Shangri-la tour.

Other features of the garden include the many remarkable rock formations, natural waterfalls and constantly flowing steams. Surrounded by hundred year old green trees and mirrorlike waters of the Li River, the Yangshuo Cultural Relic Landscape Garden has become an outstanding attraction for visitors to Guilin. Every year, during summer vacation, many China educational tours would flock to Yangshuo to discover the natural beauty of China. In this case, Yangshuo Cultural Relic Landscape Garden would be a must-have for them.

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