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Experience Beautiful Xishuangbanna in Yunnan China Further

Ganlanba, which literally refers to royal garden, is the soul of Xishuangbanna. Hundreds of Dai people settle here. Trees bearing coconut, areca, mango and jackfruit decorate the ethnic village, while typical Myanmar pagodas and traditional Dai bamboo buildings are tucked inside the jungle. Besides, the frescos also make these temples worth visiting. It is no wonder that so many China educational tours have stretched their itinerary to Xishuangbanna.

Located in Mengla county of Xishuangbanna, Mengyuan Fairy Land is a fantastic tropical rainforest cave. The cave maintains a temperature of 21 degree Celsius so it is regarded as a fairy land blessed with an eternal spring. So businessmen particularly like to visit Xishuangbanna along their China business travel of Yunnan to refresh their soul and body completely.

Situated inside Xishuangbanna Forest Park, the hotel offers guests a unique opportunity to meet thousands of peacocks living in the Park. This would be a good choice for your accommodation. Grill fish, roast chicken, grilled eggplant, grilled leek, rice stuffed in bamboo, and many more. This may be the reason why so many tour agents have arranged the beautiful Xishuangbanna into their Yangtze River cruises deals to promote sales.

By air: fly to Kunming, and then take another plane to Jinghong airport in Xishuangbanna. The connecting trip takes 45 minutes. Travel at Xishuangbanna: It costs 5 Yuan to take a taxi in the city, 20 Yuan for the trip to and from the airport. Temperature: 13 to 28 degrees Celsius. Jackets are needed when the temperature drops in the morning and at night. These tips would be much helpful for your China tours of Xishuangbanna.

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