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Discover Xinzheng: The Native Place of Emperor Huangdi in China in Depth

The Chinese pagoda tree, also named "Guohuai" or "Huangdihuai", a feature tree of Emperor Huangdi’s tribe with character of perseverance and straightness, is considered the embodiment of character of people of Xinzheng, Henan. This just show us why the China tours of Chinese history discovery have stretched their itinerary to Xinzheng.

Excavated in 1996 from ancestral memorial remains of the Kingdom Han, 600 meters to the west of the Native Place of Emperor Huangdi, this stele for time-measuring and ancestor worshipping was the first of its kind dated back to the Eastern Zhou Dynasty. 3.26 meters in height, 0.45 meters in width and 0.26 meters in thickness, this stele is a proof of the Chinese tradition of worshipping the ancestor, nowprotected as a culture relic of the national class A, laurelled as the No.1 stele of China. It is no wonder that so many travelers prefer to visit the Xinzheng area as an extension to their Yangtze River cruises in order to touch Chinese history.

Set up by the Chinese Yan-huang Academy, this stele recorded the brief introductions to the life of Emperor Huangdi and his inventions, his self-giving devotions and his historical contributions which has won the respect of the Chinese people. If you are history-lover, you should never miss discovering Xinzheng along your China tour.

The Memorial Temple of Emperor Xuanyuan Huangdi was established in the Han Dynasty and rebuilt in 1570 A.D. of the Ming Dynasty with the Xuanyuan Bridge built in front of the memorial temple. In 1715 of the Qing Dynasty, Xu Chaozhu, the governor of Xinzheng County, established a stele with inscription of “The Native Place of Emperor Xuanyuan Huangdi” here. In 2000, the memorial temple was approved as one of the key provincial reservations of cultural relics. May you have enjoyed the beauty of China by travel to Shangri-la, but your China trip would be imperfect if you missed discovering Chinese history. Why not start from discovering Xinzheng, the native place of emperor Huangdi in China? It would never disappoint you!

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