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Explore Drekhu Pastureland in Shannan Area China

As the altitude rises and temperature falls, wheat and Tibetan barley gradually fade away, and the intoxicating fragrance of green grass permeates the air. If you want to refresh yourself in your China tours, a visit to the Drekhu Pastureland, Samye Monastery and Yamdrok Lake are all great recommendations.

Situated in the center of the Shannan prefecture and at an average altitude of 4,600 meters, the roughly 2,150-square-kilometer grassland encircled by mighty mountains is truly a beauty to behold. It boasts an array of wildlife, including wild donkeys, horses, gray ducks, eagles and vultures - you name it. This just show us the reason why so many travelers prefer to visit Tibet after their Yangtze River cruises finished in Sichuan area.

The 70-sq-km Drekhu Lake crowns the prairie's center. It's home to an assortment of treasured wildfowl, including the red-crowned crane. This is no wonder that so many parents have booked the student tours to China of Shannan discovery, offering their children great chances to discover the natural beauty of China further.

The road is quite good, even through the pastureland. Both big buses and small vans can cross it without difficulty. What Shangri-la tour is to Yunnan, Drekhu Pastureland, Samye Monastery and Yamdrok Lake to Shannan area.

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