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Must-have Food for Your Guilin Travel

Guilin rice noodles

The snack-Guilin rice noodles is a staple of the locals' diet, with a long histoy that can be dated back to the Qin Dynasty. Legend has it that when Qin troops painfully suffering from the diarrhea, a cook created Guilin rice noodles for the army as they could not be accustomed to local food. It is pliable but strong, fragrant, mellow, and extremely cheap(about 2.5 RMB a bowl). Besides, the dish is served in a bowl of soup made from pork, beef, garlic, peanuts, peppers and radish slices, very savoury and aromatic, making you mouth watering at once.

Guilin rice noodles can be found in almost all the local eateries, and the most famous one would be the hoese meat rice noodles of Huixian Lou. It is a must-taste snack in Guilin. Please do have a try and you are assured to love it! If you are having your Hangzhou tour, you should never miss tasting these snacks.

Yangshuo Beer Fish

How about a juicy Li River fish, cooked with fresh beer (brewed with Li River water), tomatoes, garlic leaves and ginger slices? Isn't it wonderful? This is a famous specialty of Yangshuo County, also a great tourist spot with breathtaking sceneries. Having a taste of it would be an unforgettable culinary experience. The best place to enjoy the dish is the famous West Street, for the beer fish here is the most traditional. Here a group of people can sit around a table and eat delicious Yangshuo Beer Fish in a warm atmosphere. What an exciting feeling!

Lipu Taro Looped Meat

Lipu Taro Looped Meat is a famous traditional dish served in the traditional Guilin banquets. It is always found during festivals or important events. This dish is made of taro from Lipu County (104 km south of Guilin) combined with streaky pork, red pepper, garlic spread, Guilin fermented bean curd, wine, honey and many other seasonings. It is no wonder that some people particularly want to arrange the Lipu Taro Looped Meat into their China customized tour. It seems make sense now.

Before the streaky pork and taro are steamed in bamboo steamers, they must be deep-fried in vegetable oil. The finished dish is golden in color and aromatic. The taro's flavor and the pork's freshness blend perfectly to create a wonderful dish.

In addition, this dish has certain health benefits, such as eliminating heat and purging fire, as well as softening the complexion. This famous dish is available at almost every restaurant in Guilin.

Oil Tea(You Cha)

Oil Tea is a distinctive flavor of Guilin, though many minorities of Southern China drink it. Every county of Guilin has people who regularly drink oil tea; however the most famous oil tea drinkers are the Yao people of Gongcheng. This kind of food is totally different with that in your Tibet travel.

Oil tea is prepared by frying tealeaves (which are pounded with a hammer-like wooden pestle to release the flavor) with garlic, salt, ginger, chili, possibly other ingredients and of course oil (usually peanut oil) in a wok. Water is then added and the mixture boiled.

The tea, which is more like a broth, is poured through a wickerwork sieve (or tea strainer) into a large bowl for serving (and cooling). The leaves in the strainer are pressed with the tea-hammer to squeeze out the oil tea. The oil tea is served into individual rice bowls for drinking.

Oil tea has a greeny-gray color and a strong taste. It is good for waking one up in the morning due to the caffeine content. It is drunk directly or spooned from bowls, and what in the West might be regarded as breakfast cereals – puffed rice and cereal balls – along with crispy fried dough sticks, chopped spring onion, and peanuts, are added to the broth.

Guilin Snail

The snails of Guilin are big and meaty. Sour peppers, specially-prepared in Guilin, are always used in the snail-cooking process. Cooked also with shallot, ginger and "Three-Flower Liquor", the end result is sour, spicy and very delicious. The tail of the snail is cut off before cooking for both the chef's and the consumer's conveniences. When enjoying Yangtze River cruises, some people flock to Chongqing to have Hot Pot, while in Guilin, you should never forget to taste the Guilin Snail.

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