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Experience Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve in Guizhou Further

The Reserve contains many floral elements and it is rich in plant resources, of which many are unique and grow only in this area of the world. There are altogether more than 800 plants in the Reserve, among which there are 413 species of higher plants and 151 species of tremellas including 15 species under the state protection such as dove trees and Chinese tulip trees. This just show us the reason why so many China educational tours have arranged the Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve into their deals.

The Reserve has diversified vegetation and clearly distinguished vertical zones including temperate evergreen coniferous forests, evergreen broad-leaved forests, evergreen deciduous broad-leaved mixed forests, deciduous broad-leaved forests, and coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forests. With the high terrain and temperature, low and short forests are formed in a certain part of the top of the mountain, such as azaleas and Chinese ilexes. Many tour agents also arranged the Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve in their China business travel, offering businessmen chances to discover the natural beauty of southwest China.

The dove tree, one of special species of China, is listed in the inventory of plants under the first-grade state protection. During spring and summer, dove trees blossom and their flowers just look like doves. And this forms a peculiar and beautiful picture especially in the sunshine. The Chinese tulip tree is also an ornamental plant. In addition, a Guizhou crape myrtle of a thousand years old is found in Fanjing Mountain. It is 30 meters high with a diameter of about 2 meters. May you are tired of the metropolitan landscape explored along your Shanghai tours, why not refresh yourself in the landscape in southwest China? In this case, Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve is good option for you.

With favorable nature conditions, Fanjing Mountain provides an ideal habitation area for rare birds and animals. 304 species of vertebrate were identified here in the Reserve, including 57 species of animals, 173 species of birds, 34 species of amphibians and 40 species of reptiles. And among them Guizhou golden monkeys, clouded leopard, South China tigers and giant salamanders are included as national protected animals. Birds in the Reserve account for 40.19%, and 9 species such as egrets are distributed in Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve. May you have enjoyed the natural beauty of China by Yangtze River cruises, but the beauty of China is far more than that. If you want to experience the beauty a China further, pay a visit to the Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve would never get you disappointed!

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