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Top Must-eat Chinese Food along Your China Travel

Chow Mein

In American Chinese cuisine, Chow Mein consists of noodles, meat, onions and celery. It is served as a specific dish at westernized Chinese restaurants. The East and West Coasts of the United States do have some differences in preparation of this dish. On the East Coast, Chow Mein is almost always prepared in the "Hong Kong" style and crispy. On the West Coast, Chow Mein is almost always steamed and soft. When your
Yangtze River cruises finish in Shanghai region, you should never miss tasting the Chow Mein there.

Most restaurants in China cook this dish by deep frying the noodles; the fastest way to obtain the beautiful golden yellow noodles associated with this aromatic dish. Many businessmen also like to eat the savory Chow Mein along their China business travel.

Peking Duck

Now considered to be one of China's National Foods, the Peking Duck is prized for its eloquent taste and stunning presentation. This famous dish can be found at restaurants all around Beijing. Upscale restaurants take this dish so seriously that some even have their own duck farms and use only a special kind of duck for their specific Peking Duck dish. No China tour of Beijing would be perfect if the Peking Duck is missed.

The Quanjude Restaurant, one of the largest roast duck restaurants in Beijing, if not the world, opened its door in 1979. Filled to capacity, Quanjude can serve as many as 5,000 meals a day. Peking Duck is famous for its thin, crispy skin, and its delectable and aromatic meat, which is highly popular among all foreigners, including foreign celebrities and leaders. Many China tours operator have arranged the Peking Duck along their Beijing itinerary to enrich their deals.

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