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Take a Jolly Steam Train Trip to Discover Sichuan

The steam train represents the industrial revolution, and the scene of them in Jiayang of southwest China's Sichuan Province may cure nostalgia for people reminiscing about the good old days. Many travelers prefer to extend their Yangtze River cruises of Chongqing part to other popular tourist destinations of Sichuan area like Chengdu, Daocheng area.

Every day, sounds of rhythmic "ding-dang""ding-dang" are heard from the steep mountains in Jianwei County of Sichuan's Leshan city. An old-fashioned steam train staggers its carriages along Mt. Leshan on a narrow trail, blissfully indicating its presence to the outside world. After your Yangtze River cruises finished in Chongqing, you could get to other Sichuan region by trains easily.

Until now, the small old steam train is still the only means of transportation connecting the old mining area with the outside world, and it is the only steam train carrying passengers running on such a narrow trail. Why not extend your Yangtze River tour of Chongqing part to other destinations of Sichuan by train? That sounds terrific!

Built alongside the mountain, the railway features a narrower trail, with more turns and steeper gradients than the modern railway. The width of its trail is only half of the modern trail, and its turnings make up more than a half of the whole journey. The small train has a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, and it takes two and a half hours to make a return trip. It is no wonder that so many travelers prefer to enjoy their China tour to Chengdu by trains. That sounds a good idea.

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