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Explore Heilongjiang River in Northeast China Further

Songari River is the largest tributary of the Heilongjiang River, with a total length of 1,657 kilometers and a drainage area of over 550,000 square kilometers. Its source, the Heaven Lake, has beautiful scene and has been an important tourist resort all through the ages. The primitive forests can be seen everywhere in the Songari River valley, the forest region with largest area in China. May you have discovered the beauty of Yangtze River along your Yangtze River cruises, while if you want to discover the river in northeast China, visiting the Heilongjiang River would be the best choice for you.

The soil in the Songari River valley is fertile, and it abounds in soybean, maize, broomcorn, wheat, flax, cotton, apple, sugar beet and other crops. It is also a large fishing water of freshwater. The main products include the carp, crucian, Huso dauricus and other fish. In addition, local inhabitants use ice to sculpt various ice lanterns, which are the fine folk artworks with special characteristics. The breathtaking Heilongjiang River would offer you totally different ideas with Yangtze River discovered along your Yangtze River tour.

The total length of the Wusuli River is 905 kilometers, with a drainage area of nearly 187,000 square kilometers. The soil of the Wusuli River is fertile, primitive forests can be seen everywhere, a great deal of minerals are held in the area, and it abounds in soybean and broomcorn. In addition, the aquatic resources are very rich, including the special local products of salmon, huso sturgeon, bighead fish, sturgeon and dongzhu (a kind of pearl), etc. This may just show us the reason why so many people who have enjoyed the charm of Yangtze River along Yangtze River cruise, but they also prefer to discover the beauty of rivers in northeast China further. In this case, the Heilongjiang River is highly recommended.

Along with the frequent commercial intercourses with Russia in recent years, China successively opened 7 ports to carry out commercial trade with Russia. The freight of 1990 alone was up to 400,000 tons, so these ports can bring significant economic benefits to the two countries every year. Many businessmen prefer to discover the northeast China when their
China business tour come to Heilongjiang area.

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