Hi, my name is Bella. Travelling is my favorite. I have travelled most places in China and want to share my China travel experience with others here.

My Excursion to Qinghai: Full of Surprises and One Miracle in China

When I accepted an invitation to the neighbor's wedding the next day, I didn't know it would be at 5:30 am. We waited outside for the groom to arrive from another district. No ceremony was held. Only a huge breakfast was served to women in one room and men in another. If you are searching for China travel destinations to refresh your soul, Qinghai would be a good option for you.

On the way to the next destination, I gave my seat to a woman with a toddler. Trying to keep balance, I put my notebook on the upper shelf with my gloves and a thangka painting. When I got off, I forgot my notebook, which contained the notes of several interviews, phone numbers, information about my hotel in the provincial capital Xining, and of my return flight to Beijing. One can imagine my distress. Check the
China weather before you head to Qinghai and then plan your trip.

Two days later, when I reached Xining, I rushed to the bus station, hoping to find that silver gray bus. A security guard said without its license number there was no hope of tracing it, as buses have irregular schedules. Sometimes it pays to be a foreigner, as the guard introduced me to a wonderful woman in charge. "Don't worry, within 48 hours your notebook will be here," said the woman named Wei Suxia. But, I was leaving the next morning. Carrying the China maps of Qinghai along with you would be much helpful.

After several calls and patient explanations, she finally traced the bus, which was based in Jainca county, an hour and a half's drive from Xining, and convinced the driver Ma Jianxiong and his assistant Zhao Ersa of the notebook's importance. Good hearted Ma and Zhao took the day off and drove to Xining to hand the precious notebook to me. This was such a miracle and the most touching surprise of my eventful trip. Lost yourself in the boundless grassland in Qinghai as you enjoyed in your Shangri-la tour.

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