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Magnificent Grottos on the Stone Clock Mountain China

The Grottos on the Stone Clock Mountain lie on the branch peak of Shibao Mountain 25 kilometers to the southwest of Jianzhou County, the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. If you are searching for China travel destinations to discover Chinese grottoes, paying a visit to the Grottos on the Stone Clock Mountain would never get you disappointed!

The Grottos on the Stone Clock Mountain are also called the Jianchuan Grottos. The Stone Clock Mountain is a branch peak of Shibao Mountain, and it is so named because some rocks look like clocks. It is surrounded by continuous mountain ranges with luxuriant trees, fantastic peaks and oddly shaped rocks. The grottos had been gradually chiseled and sculpted since the Nanzhao (local regime in Yunnan Province from 700~900 during the Tang Dynasty) to the Dali (during the Song Dynasty). The grottos are located at the foot of the mountains, sixteen of which have been found, distributed in the Stone Clock Temple, the Lion Pass and the Shadeng Village. This may just show us the reason why so many student tours to China have stretched their itinerary to the Grottos on the Stone Clock Mountain.

The Stone Clock Temple has eight grottos, which are the largest ones with the richest contents and the highest artistic level among the Jianchuan Grottos. The first grotto is 1.34 meters high and 1.7 meters wide. The eaves outside the grotto were carved into three tiers. Inside there is a plane seat with nine figures on it. Yi Mouxun, the king of Nanzhao, was seated dignifiedly on the dragonhead chair in the middle of the seat. Many tour agents have arranged the Grottos on the Stone Clock Mountain in their China business tour in order to enrich their travelers’ travel experience.

On the left and right sides sit Zheng Hui and Du Guangting face to face, both wearing hats with short wings and uncut jade, and boots. On the right side of Yi Mouxun stand three persons who respectively hold a sword, fan, and tail with a long handle. On the left side of him stand two persons who respectively hold a box in both hands and a red vine cane. Searching for China city guide for Grottos on the Stone Clock Mountain? Visit

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