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Get Close to Macau: A City of Dreams in China

I'm in Hong Kong for a few days of work and R&R before heading back to KC. Monday I took the day off and headed to Macau, the Vegas of the East, so see what all the hubbub is about. If you want to experience the modern architecture and eastern architecture in one city along your China tours, a visit to Macau would be your best choice.

Macau is a former Portuguese colony, a city of just over half a million. It's long been China's Sin City, a place where gambling was allowed and call girls easy to find. But in recent years it's undergone a facelift as casino developers attempt to recreate Vegas in the South China Sea. Big casino hotels boasting brand names like Wynn, MGM and Sands have popped up. There's a move toward family-friendly entertainment and world-class convention facilities. Searching for the China city guide of Macau? Visit

Curious about the results, I hopped on board one of the many ferries plying the HK-Macau route. As an aside, let me tell you how fabulous Hong Kong's mass transit is. I'm staying in a business hotel on the eastern side of the main Hong Kong Island. The ferry leaves from the western side. But after a 10 minute walk to the subway and 20 minutes in the cleanest subway car I've ever seen, I was buying my tickets to Macau. (That's not quite true – I paused briefly at the Starbucks above the subway stop). Carry the China maps of Macau would be much helpful to find ways along your trip.

After an hour on the ferry I was in Macau, along with seemingly a million Chinese, Indonesia and Pilipino tourists. Some were single men obviously out for a good time. Others were couples. And lots were families. Check the China weather of Macau before planing your travel there.

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