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Discover Peaceful Qujing in Kunming China Further

This cenic region lies in Luoping County, which is 228 kilome - ters away from Kunming . It is located where Yunman, Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces meet and where the Nanning - Kunming Railway passes. The region is made up of three parts:the Jiuklong River, the Duoyi River and the Three Gorges of Lubuge. If you are a hiking-lover, Qujing county would be a must-have for your China travel deals of Kunming.

The Jiulong River is situated 20 kilometers northeast of the county seat. 10 - tier waterfalls are compactly grouped in a valley with a length of 4 kilometers and a depth of 200 meters, which forms a spleen - did view. The biggest waterfall is 110 meters wide and 56 meters high, as magnificent as the Huangguoshu Waterfall. The other waterfalls have a width of 40, 30, 20 or 10 meters. There are other scenic points much as the Gaihua Platform. The Beach for Playing, the Green Moon Pool and the Grscent Lake. Losing yourself in the beautiful scenery of the Qujing county would make your China tour of Kunming more unforgettable.

The Three Gorges of Lubuge is located 40 kilometers southeast of the county seat. Lubuge is a Buyi word, meaning"a beautiful Buyi village".Amajor scenic point is the famous Lubuge Power Stastion Dam and its artificial lake. The dam is 103 meters high and the reservoir has a storage capacity of 110, 000 ,000 cubic meters. Up the dam are the Little Three Gorges. The first is the Lion Gorge which is 2.5 kilo - meters long. The second is the Dilu Gorge which is 1.5 kilometers long . The last is the Double Elephant Gorge which is 4.5 kilometers long. The Three Gorges of Lubuge is much lesser than the Three Gorges discovered along Yangtze River cruises.

The Duoyi River lies 33 kilometers southeast of the county seat. Formed by the water from 5 underground springs, the river flows be - tween its green banks for 12 kilometers as if it were a tender Buyi girl. Major scenic points are Sanjiangkou,the waterfall group at Xinzhai Village, the waterfall group at Langwai and Yimushitan. Why not extend your China tours of Kunming to the peaceful Qujing?

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