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Mustr-eat Famous Snacks in Beijing China

Beijing snacks include the snacks of many Chinese ethnic groups, such as the Han, Hui, Mongol and Manchurian, as well as imperial snacks from the Ming and Qing dynasties. They taste good and are inexpensive, which makes them very popular among average Beijingers. Along your China tour of Beijing, you should never miss the following snacks.

Sweet ears

Sweet ears, or tang er duo, is a fried sugar cake of Islamic origins that gets its name from its shape. Made of flour and sugar, it is served cold and tastes sweet and soft. Many students particularly like to eat the Sweet ears along their educational tours in China of Beijing.

Filled sausage

Guan chang, or filled sausage, has been a popular snack in Beijing since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Traditionally, the sausage, a prepared pork intestine, is stuffed with a paste of flour or starch mixed with spices. The sausage is then boiled and cut into cubes or slices to be fried. In some restaurants, minced pork is also used as stuffing. Little bamboo sticks, instead of chopsticks, are the traditional way of eating the filled sausages. No China tour packages of Beijing is complete if the savory filled sausage is missed.

Stir-fried starch knots

Chao ge da, or stir-fried starch knots, is a kind of Chinese pasta. A traditional Muslim snack, it was invented almost 100 years ago. The dough, made from wheat and corn flour, is chopped, boiled in water and then immersed in cold water. Fresh beef or chicken is sliced and stir-fried with oil and seasonings and then stir-fried again with the starch knots and various seasonal vegetables. The final product is a colorful and refreshing dish. Why not extend your China tour deals to Beijing and taste the delicious Stir-fried starch knots?

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