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Touch Less Known Ethnic Groups in China

Ewenki People

When Christmas comes, Santa Claus would fly around the world in a sleigh pulled by magical flying reindeer. In the depths of the primeval forest in northeast China, reindeer abound, as does a semi-nomadic tribe that is regarded as the last tribe of hunters – the Ewenki people. If you want to discover ethnic groups in China along your China tours, Ewenki People should never be missed.

Since they have to hunt and feed the reindeer, they have no fixed houses. They use pine wood to pitch a tent, called Cuoluozi, as they move around in the forests. According to their tradition, people in the same clan cannot get married and they have to choose someone from other clans or tribes. When people decide to tie the knot, the girl has to flee to the boy’s Cuoluozi; the old women will braid her hair into two pigtails, as opposed to the eight pigtails before they are married. Many China tour agents have arranged different itineraries to discover Ewenki People.

The Khmus

Khmus people are still an ethnic minority that hasn’t been officially named. They mainly live along the borderline between China and Laos. Isolated by the atrocious conditions, the people maintain their way of life as in the clan society. Discovering the culture of te Khmus would make your China travel deals more fruitful.

When the boy and girl decide to get married, the girl will take the boy to her home. If her parents treat the boy with hospitality, it means he is accepted, but if they ask the boy, ‘What are you doing here?’ the romantic relationship ends. Why not extend your affordable China tour package to the border area and discover the Khmus in depth?

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