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Discover Peaceful Anting in China

WALKING through the crowded streets and rows of high-rises, you will see the houses with white walls and black tiles, fine carved windows and well arranged courtyards, it is an ancient silent town called Anting. If you want to trace the ancient atmosphere along your China tour, Anting would be a great option for you.

Sometimes, I guess what I will see when I'm about to turn onto a little path in the town. Perhaps, I'll see some trucks transporting cars to be sold. Then I hear the sound of roaring engines from the Formula One Circuit, mixed with some screams. It is no wonder that many businessmen particularly request to visit Anting along their China business tours to retreat from the bustling world.

I'm always amazed with the name Anting, which literally means a silent pavilion in Chinese. It makes me picture an ancient pavilion that is set near a river in the mountains and rivers, providing shelter for visitors. And now, it has become Shanghai International Automobile City. And for me, when I visualize myself standing in the middle of the pavilion and see the water flowing, I wonder whether I can make the picture come to life with the wind and the clouds. Also, many educational tours in China have arranged Anting into their itinerary.

Such ancient constructions are located throughout the modern city and the modern buildings are constructed like forests. Rows of new cars are exhibited with the sun shining upon them. High-speed trains run through the city like a magnificent silk ribbon. The unique and historical automobile museum corresponds with the electric car test-driving center, just like an old sage keeping watch on a growing young man. Carrying the map of China for Anting area would be much helpful along your trip.

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