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Forested Tangwanghe National Park in Heilongjiang China

Tangwanghe National Park is home to a Korean pine tree forest. Tangwanghe River is the mother river of Yichun city in Heilongjiang. Follow this river against its current and when you come to the river's source you will be situated firmly within the Tangwanghe National Park. If your affordable China tour package stretch to Heilongjiang area, you should never miss paying a visit to the Tangwanghe National Park.

Tangwanghe National Park, established in 2008, was China's first national park. Under the guidance of the country's Ministry of Environmental Protection and National Tourism Administration, the main function of the park is to act as a nature reserve. Only a small section of the park has been developed for tourism. Many student tours to China have come to the Tangwanghe National Park to get closer to nature.

The diversity and rarity of the park's eco system speaks for itself. It is home to a Korean pine tree forest encompassing over 2000 square kilometers. The number of this pine tree species has declined severely around the world due to massive logging as the trees serve as a high quality building material. Roaming about the Korean pine tree forest are wild animals, such as elk and sable, rarely seen in other areas of the country. Even many businessmen particularly request their tour agents to arrange the Tangwanghe National Park into their China business tours, so as to refresh themselves completely.

In addition to the extravagance of natural wild life, the park also boasts unique landscapes. The most spectacular sight is the granite stone forest, a geographic relic composed of clusters of bizarrely shaped rocks. Other natural attractions include wetlands, waterfalls and last but not least, the Tangwanghe River. 468 meters in length, the river is the life line of the national park. Why not extend your last minute deals for China travel to Heilongjiang area to discover the Tangwanghe National Park?

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