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Must-see Scenic Spots in Tianzhu Mountain Anhui China

The whole scenic area of Tianzhu Mountain is 333 square kilometers and belongs to be the first batch of national key scenic areas and national forest parks. The whole scenic area is comprised of 45 peaks, 17 ranges, 18 cliffs, 14 rocks, 25 grottoes, 86 unique stones, 18 waterfalls, 17 springs, 7 villages, 2 temple building complexes and more than 100 types and 1000 kinds of plants. Along your China travel packages of Tianzhu Mountain, the following scenic spots should never be missed.

Tianzhu Mountain is the perfect show of ancient culture of Anhui province. It is the solemn land of Taoism and Buddhism as well as the original sites of Foguang Temple and Shangu Temple in Tang Dynasty. There are also the quintessential cliff inscriptions for calligraphic exercise; especially the cliff inscriptions of Shiniu Grotto are ranked the first both in quality and quantity of calligraphic works. The ancient cultural relic of Xuejiagang reappear the primitive look of Neolithic age Many people comment the beauty of Tianzhu Mountain is featured with the magnificence of Huangshan Mountain and the serenity of Lushan Mountain. It is full of the strange pine trees and odd stones, flying waterfalls and flowing springs, deep canyons and grottoes as well as the ancient cottages. There are also many rare treasured plant species as well as the seldom-seen animals like raccoon dogs, lyrebirds and giant salamanders. These are also the attractive part of Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area. No last minute deals for China travel to discover Tianzhu Mountain are complete if the above mentioned scenic spot is arranged in the schedule.

There are 42 famous peaks of Tianzhu Mountain. The most famous one is its main peak, Tianzhu Peak, which is also named Chaoyang Peak, Siming Peak, Hejia Peak, Wanbo Peak and Sunzi Peak. Today, the Poetic Cliff of Tianzhu Mountain is well preserved, but the poems of Wang Anshi were stolen, and the original sites of these poems are the square carved pits at present. Tianzhu Peak looks like a huge column standing between heaven and earth. It is extraordinarily splendid and magnificent. There is also a Mystery Valleyunder the Feilai Peak of Tianzhu Mountain, and the travelers name it One Excellence of Tianzhu Peak. The Mystery Valleyis roughly 2,500 meters or 3,000 meters long. The whole valley is comprised of 54 diverse grottoes, and these grottoes are interconnected closely and naturally. The grottoes have windows, backyards, doors, stone ladders and stone fences. Tianzhu Mountain is quite beautiful and marvelous. In 1982, it was approved to be the first batch of national-level tourist attractions. Even many educational tours in China of Anhui province discovery have arranged the Tianzhu Peak exploration into their itinerary in order to practice the students’ persistence.

Feilai Peak located on the westernmost point of Longyinhuxiao Cliff is the third highest peak. It has an altitude of 1424 meters. The whole peak is a huge rock, there is a huge stone on the top of the peak seemingly flying from afar, so this stone is also named Fei Lai Shi(Stone Flying From Afar. This stone looks like a crown wearing on the top of the peak, and many a visitor arriving at Feilai Peak is quite marveled at this stone and also worried how to do if the stone falls down from the top. Why not visit these scenic spots when your Yangtze River cruise come to the Anhui region China? It would reward you more than expected!

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