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Enchanting Potatso Park in Shangri-La China

Located 22km east of Shangri-La, Potatso is the first national park in mainland China. In Tibetan language, Patatso means reaching the opposite side of the lake by boat under the help of deity. Bitahai Lake and Shuduhu Lake are two major parts of the park. Besides these two lakes, forest, marsh, valley, alpine meadow and so on can be seen in the park. All major spots are connected by walkable plank which offers a closer distance for travelers to experience the natural environment. If you only have time for one attraction in your China vacation deals of Shangri-la, it should be Potatso Park.

As the highest lake in Yunnan, Bitahai Lake is 3,500m above the sea level. Covering an area of about 159 hectares with an average depth of 20m, Bitaihai Lake is famous for its limpid water and its beautiful scenery which is set against the mountains and with forests surrounding it. In ancient Tibetan language, Bita means the area heavily covered with trees. In order to enrich their China vacation packages of Yunnan, many tour companies have a rraged the Potatso Park in their itinerary.

One can find century-old pines and cypresses grow around the lake, in which the water is crystal clear. In the lake there is an islet covered by cedars and azaleas. In spring, when the withered azalea flowers fall into the lake and are eaten by fish, the fish seem to be unconscious and almost drunk. They float on the surface with their abdomen facing the sky. Around the lake are virgin forests - ideal habitat for rare animals including red-footed pheasant, silver pheasant, wide bull, leopard and lynx. Extending your Shangri-la tour to the Potatso Park would never fail to be a terrific experience to you.

Clear water, lovely fish, herds of cows and sheep, and surrounded by lots of primitive forests is the truly description of Shudu Lake. The lake water is so limpid that people could see Shudu cracked-stomach fish produced in the lake whose color is golden and there is a crack line along its stomach. 'Shu' means cheese in Tibetan and 'Du' has the meaning of stone. It has a legend that in ancient times, an eminent monk roamed from place to place, one day, he arrived here. The herdsmen supported and treated him with cheese. The eminent monk was glad to see that the cheese of the pastureland of Shudukang is as strong as stone, so he prayed 'wish the cheese here is as strong as stone forever'. From then on the name of Shudukang came into being. Why not book a China tour to Shangri-la and witness the charm of Potatso Park with your own eyes?

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