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Mysterious Yuzhu Peak in Tibet China

Yuzhu Peak, with the altitude of 6,178 meters, is located in the east part of Kunlun Mountain. Yuzhu Peak is at the common boundary of Golmud and Yushu in Qinghai Province. To any trekking-loves, conquering the Yuzhu Peak would definitely the most exciting thing along their China tour packages of Tibet.

Yuzhu Peak is covered by snow all year round and there are also many glaciers. Around the main peak are about 20 snow mountains with the altitude above 5400 meters. To its north is Xi Da Tan with the altitude of 4,300 meters, and most glaciers are hanging glaciers. Get over Kunlun Mountain and get to the south side of Yuzhu Peak, where there are different landforms. Even some businessmen particularly request their tour agents to arrange the impressive Yuzhu Peak in their China business tour in order to enrich their travel time.

The 10-meter end of glacier is an ideal place for training mountaineering. The road conditions on the northern side are relatively challenging, and all three glaciers on the slope lead to the summit, requiring good mountaineering skills. All these traits make Peak Yuzhu an optimal destination for both professional and amateur mountaineers. Many China travel agencies have arranged different kinds of tours to discover Yuzhu Peak upon the needs of hiking-addict travelers.

The climate of Yuzhu Peak area belongs to the continental climate. The yearly average temperature is five below zero, and the lowest temperature could be thirty below zero. Due to its geographic location, the east Kunlun Mountain becomes the dividing line of the different climates between the south and the north of western China, and the location also causes the complexity of the climate of Yuzhu Peak. The route of the south slope of the peak is mainly snow slope. Base Camp is located at the altitude of 5040 meters, and Camp One is at the altitude of 5600 meters. Watching the impressive Yuzhu Peak on the rain would be a much interesting experience along your China tour of Tibet.

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