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Top Natural Reserve in Tibet China

Mangkam Cakalho Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is animal type with an area of 185,000 hectares. The main protection objects are Yunnan golden monkeys and virgin forest. Mangkam Cakalho Nature Reserve lies by Mangkam Mountain at the sea level of 3,500 to 4,500 meters, where is cool and the plantation and the vegetation are protected well. Though the topography of the nature reserve is high and rugted, the transportation there is convenient for the Yunnan-Tibet Highway passes through it. If you are enjoying your China travel of Tibet with your children, the Mangkam Cakalho Nature Reserve would be a great option for you.

The Mangkam Cakalho Nature Reserve is the world's largest dwelling area of Yunnan golden monkeys. It is said there are only nearly 1,000 Yunnan golden monkeys in the world now, however, more than 600 live in Mangkam Nature Reserve. . Besides Yunnan Golden Monkeys, 59 wild animals are listed under state and Tibet Autonomous Region key protection. Over 5,000 senior plants, 39 of which have been listed as wild plants under state key protection, grow in Tibet. The region also boasts 798 species of vertebrates and 2,305 species of insects. After searching on the internet, you could see that there are many China travel packages of Mangkam Cakalho Nature Reserve that designed for family tours.

Qiangtang Nature Reserve

The Qiangtang National Nature Reserve focused on steppe ecoregion and alpine rare animal species. Tibetan antelope is one of the most distinct species in the region. The allure of Shahtooshi and its economic value have attracted armed poachers, the most fierce threat to Qiangtang, to the area. Before 1996, poachers hunted over 4000 Tibetan antelopes every year. No China travel service designed by any tour company of Tibet natural landscape discovery are perfect if the sublime Qiangtang Nature Reserve is missed.

After 1997, the Tibet Forestry Department, in cooperation with conservation organizations such as WWF Nagchu, began promoting and organizing anti-poaching patrols in seven counties in Nagchu and Ngari prefectures. In addition, international organizations have taken action to stop trade of animal products and markets, which has also contributed to help control the illegal poaching in Qiangtang. As a result of such efforts, illegal poaching has been greatly reduced. Based on actual cases and reported figures, illegal poaching of antelope has been reduced to under 400 per year and armed large scale hunting has been controlled. Why not book the hot last minute deals for China travel and discover the Qiangtang Nature Reserve on your own?

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