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Top Boundless Grassland in China

3. Gannan Grassland

The Gannan Grassland is located within Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southwestern Gansu Province. The grassland covers an area of over 2.5o million ha, primarily within Gansu’s Maqu, Xiehe and Luqu counties. Luqu is a town on the fringe of Tibetan-Qinghai Plaetau with green alpine meadows in the west and the Tao River in the east. Two third of Luqu county is suitable for grazing livestock, like sheep and yak. Along the Tao River. No affordable China tour package to Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture are complete if the boundless Gannan Grassland is missed in their schedule.

4. Ruoergai Grassland in Sichuan

Ruoergai Grassland is located in the north of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, and borders Maqu, Luqu of Gansu Province. It is on the east edge of Tibet-Qinghai Plateau with an altitude between 3000 and 3600 meters. Why not extend your Yangtze River cruises to Ruoergai Grassland when your cruise come to Sichuan region.

Ruoergai Grassland is said to be the fourth largest grasslands in Chinao. Ruoergai Grassland belongs to the kind of alpine meadow, also one of the China’s three largest wetlands, covering 10436.58 square kilometers. The best time to view the wildflowers of Ruoergai Grassland is between July and early September. Ruoergai Grassland is neither the greenest nor a fertile grassland, but what catches my eyes and makes my excited is its numerous wild flowers. It is no wonder that so many travelers particularly like to extend their Yangtze River tour of Sichuan region to the beautiful Ruoergai Grassland. That seems make sense.

5. Hulun Buir Grassland

The Hulun Buir Grassland is situated within the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region with a total area of over 93,000 square kilometres. It is named the Hulun Lake and the Buir Lake. It is reputed as the most beautiful grassland in Inner Mongolia as well as one of three most beautiful grasslands in the world. Enclosed with over 3,000 rivers, 500 lakes, the Hulun Buir Grassland reasembles a huge natural green carpet. In summer, the Hulun Buir Grassland presents a peaceful and harmonious idyllic scene. No affordable China tour package of Chinese grassland discovery is complete if the charming Hulun Buir Grassland is missed.

6. Xilin Gol Grassland

The Xilin Gol Grassland is situated within Xilin Gol in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Xilin Gol National Nature Reserve was set in 1985 and took prt in the International Man and Biosphere Reserve Network in 1987 to protect its environment and plateau grassland ecosystem. There are great number of rare wild animals here, including swans, the red-crowned crane and bustards. The grassland is home to the biggest nature reserve ecosystem of its type in china. Many students particularly like to watch the sheep eating grass on the grassland along their student tours to China in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

7. The Ordos Grassland

The Ordos Grassland is located 12 kilometers west of Hanggin Banner in Ordos, 430km west of Hohhot. The grassland, with and area of 600 square kilometers, consists of over 100 Mongolia yurts. The whole grassland is divided into song and dance area, entertainment area, accommodation area, fete area, Mongolian folk area and so on. Wondering on the The Ordos Grassland would be a terrific experience along your China vacation packages to Hohhot.

You also have the chance to take part in the traditional activities of Mongolia such as wrestling, horse riding, toxophily etc. The green grass wafts under the blue sky, and white sheep hides among the grass, appearing while wind blowing. The Ordos Grassland is like hovering lannerets always with warm greeting to the friends from all corners of the world. This may just show us the reason why so many businessmen like to visit the Ordos Grassland along their China business travel to relax themselves greatly.

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