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To Must-taste Local Food in Shanghai China

10.Salt and Pepper Spareribs

Jiao yan pai tiao, or "salt and pepper" short ribs. Down south, it's a style of cooking you're more likely to see with shrimp or squid, but it is excellent with pork, too. Pork short ribs are dredged in a mix of flour, salt, and pepper and quickly flash fried. Salt and Pepper Spareribs is the hot cake among students when there are enjoying their student tours to China of Shanghai.

11.Shanghai smoked fish

We already love their clothes, but another reason we love Shanghai Tang is because of their modern interpretation of the classic Shanghai liangcai (cold dish) Shanghai smoked fish, offered on their weekend brunch menu at the café. Delicately fried, the cold fish is bathed in a sweet and savory brown sauce and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds. It is no wonder that so many travelers particularly request their tour agents to arrange the Shanghai smoked fish in the meals of their China travel packages of Shanghai. This may just show us the reason why Shanghai smoked fish is a must-have to many food-lovers when their Yangtze River tour come to Shanghai.

12.Babaofan (Eight-treasures rice pudding)

It is a traditional sweetmeat of Chinese meal, especially prevailing in the south of China. Use sticky rice and eight dry and fresh fruits including sweet-scented osmanthus, red Chinese date, lotus seed, longan, etc. as the main material, so it is called eight-treasures rice pudding. Braize the sticky rice mixed sugar, lard, sweet-scented osmanthus, then pour them into a ware which holds red Chinese date, lotus seed, longan and so on to braize again. After it is cooked, pour sugar halogen juice on it, then the delicious Babaofan is completed. It is cate to welcome the tourists and to celebrate festivals. The appetizing Babaofan (Eight-treasures rice pudding) is my favorite when I am enjoying my Yangtze River cruise of Shanghai part.

13. Eight Delicacies in Hot Sauce

This is one of the most famous Shanghai local foods. It uses eight different raw food fried with delicious hot sauce, makes it tastes hot and sweet. In the famous Lv Bo Lang Restaurant in Yuyuan Bazaar, the best and the most traditional Eight Delicacies in Hot Sauce can be found here. Why not take a China travel to Shanghai and taste this luring Eight Delicacies in Hot Sauce Shanghai?

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