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Explore Folk Renqiu Bass Drum in China

Renqiu Bass Drum of Cangzhou City originated from the period of Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1573—1620), more that 400 years from now. Renqiu Bass Drum was originally inspired to take form by the story “Liang Hongyu fight against Jin soldiers by beating a bass drum”, which was used to resist invaders and boost morale. At present, striking bass drums has become the most traditional way of celebration for Renqiu natives to express their happiness during festivals and holidays of after harvest. If your are just planning to visit Cangzhou area in Hebei province, then Renqiu Bass Drum discovery should never be missed along your China tours of Hebei.

Renqiu Bass Drum is different from drums in other regions, whose obvious features are: first, it’s bulky with general diameter about 2 meters exquisitely made of a whole piece of yellow ox skin, which needs about 1600 nails to fix it and 8 to 10 persons to beat it at the same time. Second, the drum is heavy and the sound strong. If your China vacation packages of Cangzhou just fall into Spring Festival, you will see the boisterous occasion of playing Renqiu Bass Drum.

When beating the bass drum, it sounds like the roars of a lion and feels like the gallop of thousands of horses together. And the third is harmoniously arranged. When the bass drum is ready in a state, accompanied by some traditional folk instruments of music, such as the cymbals, small cymbals and Dangdang songs etc., it will set off by contrast the thunder-like rhythm, strong feeling, unrestrained interest and integrative beauty of the bass drum. In order to enrich their itinerary for their China travel deals of Cangzhou area, many tour companies have arranged the Renqiu Bass Drum in their itinerary.

Renqiu Bass Drum originally has 108 types that 84 sets of drum music scores have been dig tout. Renqiu Bass Drum Party is held on the 15th day of the lunar first month every year. At that time, the scene is of tremendous momentum——scores of bass drums are situated from east to west, north to south, which reflects the power and prestige of Renqiu Bass Drum on one hand. On the other hand, confirms the natives' happy lives. No China travel service designed for Cangzhou area discovery is complete if the Renqiu Bass Drum is missed to be discovered!

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