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The Spicy Hot Pot in Chengdu China

Hotpot is very popular in Chengdu and is known for its spicy and hot flavor. Although this kind of hotpot is taken as the Chongqing specialty by the locals, it has become famous and popular all over the country for a long time. When your Yangtze River cruises come to Chongqing, you should never miss tasting the spicy Hotpot there.

The traditional Chengdu hotpot

A big pot filled with hot spicy oil and surrounded by plates of raw meats and vegetables. The pieces of meat and vegetables are sliced very small so they will cook very quickly. Most of the pots used in hotpot are divided into two sections. One half is filled with the spicy oil, and the other is filled with a delicious broth for those who are not a big fan of spicy foods. Restaurants are also more than happy to turn down the heat on request. To any gourmets, their China vacation packages would be incomplete unless the spicy Hot pot is served.

Various kinds of Chengdu hotpot

As everyone known, the taste of hotpot is determined by the broth. The broth used in Chengdu hotpot is not only a permanent one. Although the main flavor is spicy, the different ingredients will make this food various. Many students particularly like to eat Hotpot along their educational tours in Chinacome to Chengdu region.

There are over 10 varieties of Chengdu hotpot including hotpot with boiled mutton, and hot pot with beer duck, fish head hotpot, medical herbs hotpot, etc.. In order to enrich the traveler’s experience, many China tour agents have left some dinner for the traveler to taste some local snacks. When their tours come to Chengdu, hot pot would definitely a must-have.

Besides the different broths used in Chengdu hotpot, you can also choose the spicy level of this food. Chengdu hotpot has its own style ranging from simple spicy to moderate, three or four kinds of spices. If you are fond of hot flavor, you should not miss this kind of hotpot during your China tours of Chengdu.

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