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Must-visit Attractions in Zhejiang Province China

NO.6 Wuzhen Ancient Water Town

About an hour's drive from Hangzhou, the town of Wuzhen is situated in Tongxiang, in the north of Zhejiang Province. It is a typical ancient water town and ranks among the top six ancient towns in southern China. To any tour company, their China travel service of Chinese water town discovery are not complete if the breathtaking Wuzhen Ancient Water Town.

With a history covering 1,200 years, the small town is famous for its ancient buildings and layout, with bridges of all sizes crossing the streams that wind through the town. It has a residential area, a workshop area, a cultural area, a dining area, a shopping area, and a scenery area that features local traditions and customs. Many student tours to China come to Wuzhen Ancient Water Town to discover the Chinese water towns.

The streets all run alongside the rivers with bridge spans serving as intersections. The houses built along the rivers are typically very impressive, with spacious courtyards, overlapping roofs and high eaves. If you are businessmen and want to get closer to natural landscape along your business travel to China, Wuzhen Ancient Water Town never let you down.

In 2007, the reconstructed western part of town, Xizha, was opened up to the general public. Xizha used to be the largest and most prosperous area of the town, and dozens of intact Ming-and-Qing style buildings still line its streets today. Visitors can also experience the old Xizha lifestyle by either sipping tea in a traditional tea house or enjoying an opera performance in the theater. Carrying the related China maps of Wuzhen would be much helpful along your trip.

NO.5 Lingyin Temple

Lingyin Temple, or the Temple of the Soul's Retreat, is the oldest Buddhist monastery in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang Province. It was founded in 328 during the Eastern Jin Dynasty (316-420) by an Indian monk name Hui Li, and has a history spanning over 1,700 years. It is no wonder that many travelers particularly request their China tour agents to arrange the Lingyin Temple into their itinerary of Zhejiang province.

Sheltered by forested hills on three sides, the temple is a quiet and secluded sanctuary when it is not thronged by tourists. It is also one of China's largest and most visited Buddhist temples and holds the largest statue of the Buddha Sakyamuni sitting on a lotus throne. Many businessmen visited the Lingyin Temple to burn some incense along their business travel to China to pray for boisterous business in the future.

During the Five Dynasties Period (907-960), when the temple was prospering, it consisted of 9 buildings, 18 towers, 72 halls with 1,300 rooms and more than 3,000 monks. It has been damaged and restored again several times during its extensive history. Why not do as the businessmen did to pray for happiness along your last minute China travel deals to Zhejiang province?

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