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Explore Water-surrounded Jiaxing in Zhejiang China

Jiaxing lies in the northern Zhejiang province of the Yangtze River Delta of China. It is situated on the Grand Canal (Beijing-Hangzhou Canal) - the longest man-made canal in the world. It neighbors Hangzhou to the southwest, Huzhou to the west, Shanghai to the northeast and the Jiangsu province to the north. With a subtropical monsoon climate, it enjoys abundant rainfall and sunshine. If you want to discover the landscape of southern China along your China travel, Jiaxing would be a good option for you.

Jiaxing was a place of fish and rice. More than 7,000 years ago, there were inhabitants living on fishery and animal husbandry. It made a great progress in economy during the Sui Dynasty (581-618) due to the construction of the Jiang Nan He, Hangzhou to Zhenjiang section of the Grand Canal. The canal helped Jiaxing to be a bread basket in southeast of China, and a place wealthy in cotton fabric and silk. Many businessmen visited Jiaxing along their China business travel in order to grasp some silk business opportunity for themselves.


Jiaxing has two famous lakes - South Lake and Nanbei Lake. Due to its geographic features, water towns make up much of Jiaxing’s distinctive landscape. The most renowned water towns in Jiaxing are Wuzhen and Xitang. With a history of over 1,000 years, Wuzhen has profound historical and cultural heritage. Xitang is a historic town featuring Ming and Qing architecture. It was built along the river and has 27 stone bridges. Special Local Products: water chestnut of South Lake, blue calico (Blue printed colored or flower cloth) of Tongxiang City, silk floss of Wuzhen. Every year, many China educational tours come to Jiaxing to discover the breathtaking natural scenery of it.


Belonging to the subtropical monsoon climate, Jiaxing is abundant in rainfall and sunshine with wet spring, torrid summer, dry autumn and cold winter. It has an annual average temperature of nearly 16 C (61F), and rainy muggy days in summer are much fewer than dry chilly days in winter. Before deciding the travel time for your China travel to Jiaxing, checking its weather ahead of time proves quite necessary.

Jiaxing is famous for its rice-made snacks, such as glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves. It holds the “Steamed Rice Dumpling Festival” every summer, which attracts numerous rice dumpling manufacturers. Why not book the popular China vacation packages of Jiaxing to discover this beautiful water-surrounded city in depth?

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