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The Enthralling Tongli Water Town in Suzhou China

Tongli is a town with a profound cultural background and achievement. From ancient times, it has been teeming with poets, painters, Confucian scholars and government officials. Their abilities have made great contributions to progress in many areas of the country. Dozens of stone tablets from different periods are preserved in Tongli and many of the streets are named after their official titles. Walking through the alleys of this venerable water town, one cannot fail to appreciate its pristine and intoxicating atmosphere. If you want to explore the natural scenery and folk culture in southern China along your China tours, a visit to Tongli would have much to offer to you.

In 1981 Tongli Town was declared one of the thirteen national standard tour towns of the Taihu Lake region. In addition, in 1982 it was listed for protection as the standard provincial town of cultural interest in Jiangsu Province. Tongli is now a highly praised historical site and tourist resort and enjoys increasing popularity with travel enthusiasts. It is no wonder that so many China travel deals arranged Tongli into their deals to promote sales.

These are the vital links between the different parts of town. Forty-nine stone bridges in a variety of styles join the seven islands created by fifteen rivers and five lakes upon which Tongli stands. Each bridge has a name and these examples will give you an idea of the poetic nature of the inhabitants. Perhaps the most notable are Peace and Tranquility (Taiping) Bridge, Luck (Jili) Bridge and Lasting Celebration (Changqing) Bridge. These are known as Ternate Bridges as they cross three rivers at their confluence and form a natural ring road. The gurgling brooks and the stone arched bridges would be the highlights of your China tour packages of Suzhou.

The small and exquisite Taiping Bridge was built during the reign of emperor Jiaqing of the Qing dynasty; Jili Bridge is an arch bridge and inscribed with age-old couplets describing the beautiful painting-like views at either end; Changqing Bridge, also named Guangli Bridge, was originally constructed in 1470 and rebuilt by Xiezhen in 1704. Ternate Bridges are propitious symbols in the eyes of the local residents and they walk over them for good luck during wedding or birthday parties. It you are lucky enough, you may see this scene along your China travel of Tongli.

The oldest bridge in Tongli is Reflecting Origin (Siben) Bridge which was built in the Song Dynasty (960 - 1279) while the smallest bridge is called Single Step (Dubu) which is only one and a half meter (5 feet) in length and less than one meter (3 feet) in width. Standing motionless for hundreds of years, the bridges bear witness to the vicissitudes of history and remain an indispensable part of the township. Why not book the popular China travel deals of water town discover to explore the captivating Tongli Water Town?

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