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Other World Famous Karst Regions in China

Guangxi Province

Guilin landscape is the most representative and famous krast in Guangxi. The main forms of karst in Guilin and Yangshuo are karren,stone forest,stalagmite and natural bridges.Especially the caves are everywhere in the hills. Characteristic krast caves of various shapes are really a spectacular. Representatives karst attractions in Guangxi are Elephant Trunk Hil, Reed Flute Cave, Crown Cave, Seven Stars Cave, Yangshuo, Bama, Leye Dashiwei Tiankeng. If you want to discover the karst landscape along your China travel, Guangxi Province has much to offer.

Guangdong Province

The Seven Star Crags in Guangdong Province consists of seven limestone hills which shape like seven stars in the night. In front of the hills are small lakes scattering here and there while inside the hills there are amounts of caves and underground river. Grotesque caverns makes the unique Karst physiognomy. Representatives karst attractions in Guangdong are Seven Star Crags and Swallow Cave. Along your China tours to Guangzhou, you should never miss Seven Star Crags and Swallow Cave.

Guizhou Province

Guizhou has various karst landforms,including stone forests like Nihan stone forests and Xiuwen stone forests, waterfall palisades like Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall,karst caves like Xiniu cave in Zhenyuan, Xianren cave in Longshan.Representatives karst attractions in Guizhou is Huangguoshu Grand Waterfall. Exploring the Grand Huangguoshu Waterfall would make your China vacation packages of Guizhou more fruitful and enjoyable.

Sichuan Province

The calc-sinter flows in Jiuzhougou is another form of karst,such as the Pearl Shoal.The calc-sinter pond and calc-sinter caves in Huanglong make up the biggest and the most beautiful karst scenery in the world.Representatives karst attractions in Sichuan are Jiuzhaigou Waterfall Group and Huanglong. No last minute deals for China travel of Sichuan is complete if the breathtaking Jiuzhaigou Waterfall Group and Huanglong are missed.

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