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Get Close to Dongting Lake Hunan Province China

Dongting Lake, or Lake Dongting Wade–Giles: Tung-t'ing Hu) is a large, shallow lake in northeastern Hunan province, China. It is a flood basin of the Yangtze River (Chang Jiang). Hence the lake's size depends on the season. The provinces of Hubei and Hunan are named after their location relative to the lake: Hubei means "North of the Lake" and Hunan means "South of the Lake" in Chinese. If your China tour packages happen to cover Hunan region, you should never miss discovering the Dongting lake along your trip.

Dongting Lake is famous in Chinese culture as the place of origin of Dragon boat racing. It is the site of Junshan island, and is a home to the Finless Porpoise, which is endangered in China. Explore Dongting Lake and get closer to China culture along your China travel of Hunan province.

In the July–September period, flood water from the Yangtze flows into the lake, enlarging it greatly. The lake's area, which normally is 2,820 km² (data before 1998), may increase to 20,000 km² in flood season, when vast amounts of water and sediment from the Chang Jiang flow into the lake. The lake is also fed by four major rivers: the Xiang, Zi, Yuan and Li rivers. Students particularly like to discover the basic knowledge from the tour guide when they are visiting the Dongting Lake along their China educational tours.

Small rivers also flow in, the most famous one being Miluo River where a famous poet Qu Yuan committed suicide. In addition, the Xiao River flows into the Xiang near Yongzhou, before the Xiang flows into the lake. Ocean-going vessels can travel through the Xiang to reach Changsha. No China travel packages of Chinese lake discovery are complete if the beautiful Dongting Lake is missed in the itinerary.

During the Han Dynasty, Yunmeng Marsh, which lies to the north of Dongting Lake in Hubei Province, served as the main flood-basin of the Yangtze. The rich sediment of the marsh attracted farmers. Embankments were built, keeping the river out, and the Dongting Lake area south of the Yangtze gradually became the river's main flood-basin. Many China tour agents have stretched their Hunan itinerary to Dongting Lake in order to promote deals.

At that time, Dongting Lake was China's largest lake. Because of its size, it gained the name Eight-hundred-li-Dongting Nowadays, it is the second-largest, after Poyang Lake, as much of the lake has been turned into farmland. Why not book one of the affordable China tours and discover the cultural lake?

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