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The Forested Qingliang Hill in Nanjing China

In a quiet corner of Gulou district is Qing Liang Shan Park, an open and green space removed from the concrete and grit of the city center. There are paths among the trees and hills to get lost in for a moment of respite. This garden park also has several art galleries and even an art school hidden among its foliage, stop by for a look at some traditional water colors. If your
Yangtze River cruises come to Nanjing, why not take some time to explore the Qingliang Hill in Nanjing? You would be rewarded more than expected.

The hill is famous as the City Hill and Forest in the city. It has a quiet and beautiful natural environment in the mountain and there are many places of historical sites on the mountain. There are “Horse Slope” (Zhuma Po), “South Tang Dynasty Ancient Well” (Nantang Gujing), “Qingliang Temple”(Qingliang Si) and “Chongzheng Academy” (Chongzheng Shuyuan) etc. No China vacation packages of Qingliang Hill in Nanjing are complete unless the sacred Qingliang Temple is discovered.

One of China's more abstract art forms is polishing and display of oddly shaped rocks. There are galleries here where some real whoppers can be found. If you would like a smaller stone memento to return home with, come on the weekends and try your haggling skills at the stone market that is held in front of the park entrance. Shitou Cheng, the ancient stone city wall, is also found among the quiet wonder of Qing Liang Shan Park,, the length of it from north to south spans approximate 3,000 meters. Many China tour agents has arranged the Qingliang Hill in their Nanjing itinerary to promote sales.

When China tour of Nanjing is mentioned, many people may first think of the Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River and other famous attractions. Never forget there are still one that worthy visiting, it is Qingliang Hill, a good place to escape from the bustling world.

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