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Discover Chinese Ghost Culture

The conception of ghost was formed long ago. Ghost totem came out way back to the early age of primitive society when totem worship emerged. The full interpretation and explanation of the Chinese character “鬼” (ghost) can be found in the oracle bone inscriptions and Shuowen Jiezi (An Analytical Dictionary of Chinese Characters, by Xu Shen of the Eastern Han Dynasty). Judging from the literal meaning and cultural relics, the concept of “ghost” was highly respected, awed and worshiped by the primitives, and some tribes even took “ghost” as their first name or last name. You will never know how profound Chinese culture is.

With the spread of Buddhism, the image of ghost grew steadily richer in the folk belief: after people die, they have to cross the abyss bridge, experience the trial of the nether world, undergo six cycles of suffering, and drink “Mengpo Soup” to forget the previous life before reincarnation; Zhong Kui is the judge, and then come the Hades and Bodhisattva Kitigarbhaon… I am sure knowing this kinds of Chinese culture is also another interesting experience along your China travel service booked.

The creation of ghost stories reached its prime time from the Yuan Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. From Qiannv Lihun (A Chinese Ghost Story) and Peony Pavilion in the Yuan Dynasty to Zi Bu Yu (What Confucius Did Not Speak of) by Yuan Mei and Liaozhai Zhiyi (Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio) by Pu Songling of the Qing Dynasty, the ghost stories written by men of letters mostly have vivid and lifelike characters. A large number of beautiful female ghosts thus came into being and were widespread among people. No China travel packages of Chinese culture discovery are complete if the ghost culture of China is uncovered.

One of the distinct features of Chinese ghost story is to admonish people be nice with others, and that a good act will be well rewarded, while evil will have a vice recompense. It conforms to the Golden Mean of the Confucian doctrine in Chinese culture while not going extremes like Japanese ghost stories. Talking about ghost on the surface, Chinese ghost stories in fact contains more of truth about human life. Both being the Guards of Impermanence, the Black Guard only brings disaster, while the White Guard brings horror and tension on the one hand, and fortune and good luck on the other hand. It reflects the common view of the public: there are good and evil ghosts, just like human beings. Why not take a Yangtze River tour to discover Chinese ghost culture in the Fengdu Ghost City by yourself?

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