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Get Close to Chinese Buddha

Buddha is also named as Shakyamuni. Buddha is the appellation for the founder of Buddhism, which means sage or prophet. The Chinese word fo is the abbreviation for Buddha and Shakyamuni means sage of the ShakyaKingdom. People used to regard him as an omniscient divinity while Shakyamuni was an Indian living in the fifth and sixth century with the first name Siddhrtha and the surname Gautama. Because he was from the Shakya clan, he was called Shakyamuni. He was the founder of Buddhism. To any Buddhist, knowing the history of Chinese Buddiha would be a must-have if they are having a China travel of Buddhism.

Shakyamuni Buddha was born on April 8, 464BC. He was the prince of the kingdom of Kapila(now in Nepal) in India. According to the old Indian customs, the 16-year-old prince married a beautiful princess called Yasodhara. They had a care-free life in the royal palace. However, noticing all kinds of pains and worries existing in the world, Buddha was tired of the sumptuous life in the palace and decided to find a way to relieve all these sufferings. At the age of 29, he resolutely became a monk despite the opposition from his father. If you are lucky enough and your China travel packages just fall to December, you may have chances to see how Chinese people celebrate the birthdate of Shakyamuni Buddha on the Laba Festival.

Buddha spent six years traveling throughout the Gangesareas and visiting famous religious leaders. He was not satisfied with all the studies and practices so that he broke from all religious traditions of his time and retreated into solitary meditation under a bodhi tree (tree of intelligence) beside the Neranjara River. After 49 days of contemplation he experienced the enlightenment of how to be released from the cycle of existences. From the moment of his enlightenment on, he was known under the name Buddha Shakyamuni. To pray for good luck, many businessmen particularly like to burn some incense while enjoying their
China business travel to pray for boisterous business.

In the Deer Park of Sarnath, Buddha turned the wheel of teaching for the first time and taught his first five disciples according to his insights, who also attained enlightenment and were the first samgha in history. While their morality and intelligence compared unfavorably with those of the Buddha, they received Luohan Guo(Lohan Fruit) (man worthy of oblation) other thanFo Guo(Buddha Fruit). Knowing this kind of knowledge would be much helpful for you to understand something seen while enjoying your China travel deals.

Buddha spent 45 years spreading Buddhism throughout Gangesareas and fostered numerous followers. There is a kin relationship between the Buddha and the Shaolin Temple in Luoyang City of Henan Province in China. Buddha came to China in the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534) to spread Buddhism and won the respect of all. After the Northern Wei Dynasty moved its capital to Luoyang, Emperor Xiaowen constructed the Shaolin Temple for him, thus Buddha became the founder of the Shaolin Temple. If your China tour cover Heinan, you should never miss watching the world-renowned Shaolin Kongfu in Shaolin Temple.

Nowadays Buddhism is one of the three worldwide religions with the number of disciples exceeding 500 million throughout Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Europe, the US and many other countries. This may just show us the reasons why so many China tour agents have arranged different kinds of Buddha discovery tours for their travelers.

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