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Get Closer to Chinese Cooking Techniques


Boiling is the cooking of prepared foods in a liquid at boiling point. This could be water, court bouillon, milk or stock. There are two ways of boiling: place food into boiling liquid, reboil, and then reduce the heat for gentle boiling to take place. Cover the food with cold liquid, bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer. The advantages are that: older, tougher, cheaper joints of meat and poultry can be made palatable and digestible; it is appropriate for large-scale cookery; it is economic on fuel; nutritious, well flavored stock is produced; it is labor saving, as it requires little attention; and it is safe and simple and maximum color and nutritive value are retained when cooking green vegetables, provided boiling time is kept to the minimum. To any gourmets, the China travel service booked from the tour company sounds incomplete if they missed tasting the boiling food along their trip.


Roasting is cooking in dry heat in an oven or on a spit with the aid of fat or oil. There are two ways of roasting: placing prepared foods, e.g. meat, poultry, on a roosting spit over or in front of intense radiated heat; placing prepared foods in an oven with either. The advantages are: good quality meat and poultry are tender and succulent when roasted; meat juices from the joint are used for gravy and enhance flavor; use of both energy and oven temperature can be controlled; ovens with transparent doors enable cooking to be observed; access, adjustment and removal of items is straightforward; when roasting on a spit, skill and techniques can be displayed to the public; and continual basting with the meat juices gives a distinctive flavor. Some students particularly like to eat the roasted food along their educational tours in China, which seems much luring to them.


A long, slow method of cooking where food is cut into pieces and cooked in the minimum amount of liquid, water, stock or sauce. The food and the cooking liquid are served together. Stewed foods may be cooked in a covered pan on the stove or in the oven. The advantages of stewing are: the meat juices are retained as part of the stew; correct slow cooking results in very little evaporation; it is economic on fuel; nutrients are conserved; tough foods are tenderized; and economical in labor because foods can be bulk cooked. Why not taste the stewed food along your China travel? They are so healthy and appetizing!


Frying takes several forms, from deep-frying, where the food is completely immersed in hot oil, to sauting where food is cooked in a frying pan where there is only a thin coating of oil. Frying is the fastest way to cook, as it is the most efficient way to transfer heat into the food. Despite using liquid oil, frying is considered to be a dry cooking method as water is not used in the cooking process and ideally the cooking oil will not be absorbed by the food, thus no moisture is added by cooking. Never forget to taste the savory frying food along your China tour deals! Why not have a try?

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