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Visit Bama Longevity County in Guangxi China

Guangxi Bama County, a place famous as one of the longevity places in China, is located in northwestern Guangxi. Bama County is also titled as the longevity County in the world. In this mysterious land, hundred-above lived elderly people are common to see. The oldest one is 116 years-old (data in 2000). And also because of its reputation, Bama County in Guangxi now has became a popular tourists attraction. If you want to explore Guangxi along your China tour, you should never miss visiting the peaceful Bama county.

Situation of the Bama Longevity County

With a population of 238,000 the county has 74 residents who are over 100 years old and 531 in their 90s. This is one of the highest per-capita concentrations of ‘old-timers’ in the world. In Bama the daily diet for locals is mainly low-calorie, low-fat, low-salt, high-vitamin and high-fibrin. The residents often have one meal of rice and two meals of porridge everyday which is almost a completely natural diet. The Bama county would be an great highlight along your Guilin tours of China.

Why People in Bama County is Longevous

According to the rese4arch, people in Bama County live in an ideal environment. The quality of water and air is in the A level. No pollution on the food and not too much fat in their daily diet. And also, there are many other reasons. Do you want to be Longevous? If yes, why not ask the secret of being Longevous from the people in Bama along your China travel?

Dining: The unpolluted food here is the basic factor for longevity. Bama people have no dietary bias on the food.

Daily life: regular daily life habits, working in the daytime and get rest in the night time
Environment: clear air, enough sunshine , clean water
Another very important factor is to keep good mood. Bama people are optimistic and like to smile all the day. Knowing the secret of Beijing Longevous would be another unforgettable experience while enjoying your affordable China tour package of Guilin.

Most of the long-lived people of Bama County are to be found along the Panyang River. Jiazhuan Township, on the banks of Panyang River, has a thousand-year history of traditional community singing. While a Panyang River folk singing event may attract fewer than a thousand people in a busy farming season, this can rise to more than ten thousand in a slack season. A regular gathering to sing Guangxi minority folk songs is staged once every three to five days. This may just show us why so many businessmen particularly visit the Bama County along their business travel to China to seek the longevity secret.

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