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Recommended Places to Appreciate Pony in Luoyang China

Shenzhou Peony Garden

Shenzhou Peony Garden is located opposite the White Horse Temple, featuring the special architectural style and landscape garden of the prosperous Tang Dynasty. Visitors will see over 30,000 peony trees of 840 kinds in full bloom. The peony garden is divided into five scenic areas including Peony Culture Area, Peony Leisure Area and Peony Viewing Area. The garden also stages fantastic folk cultural performances. Bloom Date: The initial bloom stage for peonies growing here is around April 9th every year; the middle bloom stage is from April 14th to 20th and the late bloom stage can extend to early May. If your China tour deal are just around May, appreciating pony in Luoyang is highly recommended.

Xiyuan Park

Xiyuan Park was built on the site of Xiyuan Ruins, the palace of Emperor Yangdi during the Sui Dynasty. The park accentuates a theme of "watch peonies and appreciate bonsais" and launches many special tour activities related to the theme. Inside the park different kinds of peonies and oddly shaped bonsais are integrated into an exotic world of peony garden work. If you want to appreciate pony along your China tour of Luoyang, Xiyuan Park would be a great option.

Blooming date: early peonies and peony bonsais will be in bloom at the beginning of April. Usually the full bloom stage is around April 16th every year. The late peonies can flower in early May. Ticket Fare is 10-20 yuan/person, varying in different bloom periods. I am sure appreciating the pony would be a great experience along your China travel packages of Luoyang.

Luoyang National Flower Garden

The garden located in the west of Museum of Ancient Tombs is a peony viewing garden with a long history and a rich peony culture. Visitors can watch rare peonies of over 200 kinds in bloom at the park. Besides, Luoyang National Garden is famous for its 150-year-old “Changsouhong” (red peony) and 120-year-old "Changsouzi" (purple peony). It is no wonder that so many China tour agents particularly arranged the Luoyang National Flower Garden for their travelers to appreciate pony.

Blooming date: 30 different kinds of peony greenhouse bonsais in the greenhouse will be in bloom from April 1st to 10th; other 140 kinds of peonies will be in full bloom from April 11th to 23rd; the rest late species usually flower from April 24th to May 1st. in May, the China travel deals to appreciate pony in Luoyang are quite popular among travelers.

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