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Precipitous Tianshan Kuche( Kunqa) Grand Canyon in China

Tianshan Grand Canyon, also known as Keziliya Grand Canyon, is a canyon in Keziliya Mountain. With unique terrain and beautiful scenery, Tianshan Grand Canyon is a perfect tourism resort and attract thousands of travelers to book different kinds of China travel service to discover it.

Locate at the south foot of the Tianshan Mountains, about 70 km north of Kuqa, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Tianshan Grand Canyon is a canyon in Keziliya Mountain. The Grand Canyon is composed of a group of giant rufous mountains, that is Keziliya Mountain. Keziliya means red cliff in Uighur, hence it was also called Keziliya Grand Canyon. The canyon is as long as 6 kilometers from south to the north with an average altitude of 1600 meters. Weathered in the wind and rain for millions of years and erodes by the floods, Tianshan Grand Canyon was formed as a rare natural scenic wonder in China. To the hiking-lovers, China travel packages to Tianshan Grand Canyon would meet their needs of adventure-seeking.

Tianshan Grand Canyon is the most complete primitive spruce forest in the North slope of Tianshan Mountain and the live museum of human farming civilization. It has precious value in tourism and the study of the human civilization history. With abundant tourist resources, steep mountain, craggy pinnacles, rugged cliffs, mysterious primitive forest and deep ravines, Tianshan Grand Canyon is an excellent tourism resort and awarded as a national forest park. Many China travel agents particularly designed Tianshan Grand Canyon hiking tours for their travelers to enrich their deals.

Tianshan Grand Canyon is very mysterious. Visitors are easily scared by the weird sounds and fogs. Sounds like walking or knocking can often be heard at the bottom of the canyon. Sometimes the ball-shaped fogs can often be spotted rising to the top of the cliffs suddenly. What’s more, you may hear the thunderous sound like a lion roaring in the canyon. The strange phenomenon is still an unsolved mystery. Why not take a China travel deals to discover the magnificent Tianshan Grand Canyon. Tianshan Grand Canyon is the most complete primitive spruce forest in the North slope of Tianshan Mountain and the live museum of human farming civilization.

Shenquan Valley

Inside the abrupt cliff, near to the entrance of the canyon, there is a cantilever, which looks like a black dog, hence the valley’s name. Generally, the dog is black, while at every July and August it changes to brown. No matter how light changes, the shape of the dog will not change. It looks like a dog far away but a strange cantilever closely. Shenquan Valley would bring much unforgettable experience to your China tours in Xinjiang region.

Yunv Spring

It lies on a bubble cave, which is in the deep canyon, close to the base of the peak. It drips all the year round and freezing in the winter. The ice concentrated into a glittering and transducer ice pillar. It is dissolved gradually in spring and the shape of the ice looks like a beautiful young girl. Why not relax yourself in the Yunv Spring along your China tour packages to Tianshan Mountain?

The Thousand Buddha Caves

About 1,400 deep to the debouchure and 35 meters high of the cliff, there is a Thousand Buddha Caves. It was built in Tang Dynasty (618-907) and the murals here are very precious in the study of the art history. It is rare of the 300 Buddha grottoes site found in the ancient western region. The Thousand Buddha Caves would definitely a highlight of your Silk Road tours in Xinjiang part.

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