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Must-eat Local Snacks of Lijiang China

This is another kind of famous cold dish or snack in Lijiang. This food can be found from the booths or restaurants in all streets and lanes of Lijiang. Ji Dou Liang Fen is made of local soybean. This jelly-like bean noodles is an ideal food in summer for getting rid of hotness. The street booths usually prepare two sorts of bean rice noodles for customers: the hot and the cold. The Soybean Noodles are very popular during summertime and the hot noodles are popular in winter. Along your China tour of Lijiang, tasting the Ji Dou Liang Fen would be an must-have for you.

Mi Guan Chang is a unique flavor of Lijiang. It is cooked with pig blood, rice and many ingredients. Making and having rice sausage is a traditional custom for Naxi people, especially in Spring Festival. At that time almost every family will make rice sausages. The rice sausages are cut into slices and deep-fried or steamed before being taken on table. Many China travel agencies particularly arrange the Lijiang food discovery activities for travel travelers to enrich their itinerary.

Naxi Kaoyu is a very famous grilled fish in Lijiang. The fish is coated with peanuts, dry peppers and deep-fried. It is not as oily as you would think, though it is packed with spicy punch. As the fish is from local lakes and rivers, the grilled fish is extremely fresh and delicious. Tasting Naxi Kaoyu would be an unforgettable experience when recalling your China travel deals of Lijiang after coming back.

Pipa Rou is also one of the specialties of Naxi cuisine. It is a course of dish getting materials from a whole salted pig. A whole pig after being cleaned is added with many ingredients. Pipa refers to Chinese lute (a plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard). As the slated whole pig is shaped like the Chinese lute, it is also called Pipa Rou in Chinese. The salted pork slices is fat but not greasy. To any snack-addicts, Pipa Rou would be a must-eat along their China travel of Yunnan.

Tuotuo Rou means meat chunks, which is a must-eat for Yi people in festivals especially important festivals. Tuo means chunks. It is named Tuotuo Rou because of the shape. The pork is baked lightly before being cut into big chunks that are boiled and seasoned with salt, pepper and chili. Why not extend your travel to Shangri-la to Lijiang to taste the above-mentioned snacks?

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