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Discover the Best Film Producing Base China-Chedun in Shanghai

There are very few benches in the film park for visitors to rest, but a hilarious kung fu performance (in studio no.5) provides a quick way to refuel. Staged twice a day (10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.), the budget stage show borrows its plot from a popular Chinese TV series "Shanghai Tan" and is set in 1920s Shanghai. If you want to discover the metropolitan Shanghai further, Chedun, China's best films producing base, is definitely a must-have for your China travel.

According to the park's official tour map, visitors can hop on the tram and take a ride down "Nanjing Lu." Unfortunately, the tram was locked up in the empty park the day when we visited. Prepare to see a very limited cast presenting a montage of jazz dance, a love triangle scene and (fake) kung fu fight in the 20-minute show, which is dubbed with pre-recorded dialogue in Shanghainese and Mandarin, together with combat sound effects and, amusingly, periodical sounds of mouse clicks. Why not extend you Yangtze River cruises of Shanghai part to Chedun as many travelers did? That sounds a great idea!

A tour around Shanghai Film Park takes about two hours. Family visitors are advised to pay extra attention to children while touring as some of the movie sets are not properly maintained. For example, several safety barrels on stairs and along the creek were missing during our trip. It is no wonder that so many businessmen come to discover it along their China business travel to seek business opportunities.

Visitors can reach Shanghai Film Park from downtown in three ways:Shanghai Tourism Distribution Center has shuttle buses (leaving at 9a.m.) to Shanghai Film Park every weekend; Shanghai Tourism Distribution Center, 666 Tianyaoqiao Lu, below Platform 5 of Shanghai Stadium from 6 a.m to 5:30 p.m; Take Metro Line 1 to Lianhua Lu Station, then switch to bus Lianshi, Lianjin or Lianfengto Chedun. The film park is a 10-minute walk from the bus stop; Take Metro LIne 9 to the last stop at Songjiang Xincheng, and then take a RMB-30 taxi ride. These transportation information would be much helpful along your China tour deals of Shanghai.

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