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Witness the Beauty of Tangra Yumco in Tibet

Tangra Yumco s the largest sacred lake that Bon adherents believe in and worship. It is also the third largest lake in Tibet with an area of 1,400 square kilometers, a length of 70 kilometers and a width of 20 kilometers. Its elevation is over 4,600 meters. It is lurking on the wild and remote land in west Tibet. If you are searching a sacred lake in Tibet along your China tour, then Tangra Yumco in Tibet is just for you.

The lake sits on a “No Man’s Land”. which has an area of more than 20,000 square kilometers, there is one person every 6 square kilometers. It is sometimes mentioned in folk tales and legends, though people seldom know much about them, and there is no mention of those who have been there. If you are so busy and only have time for one attraction for your China tour packages of Tibet, then it should be Tangra Yumco.

In an ancient arid age it is said the god of Daguo Mountain came to Duilong from Wenbu District to seek for superior Tibetan barley seed. His behavior irritated the local gods and they ran after him. It is no wonder that so many nature-lover request their China tour agents to arrange the captivating Tangra Yumco along their trip of Tibet.

Having suffering from innumerable trials and hardships, there were only a few dozen seeds left. The god of Daguo Mountain planted them beside his wife Tangra Yumco carefully. Tangra Yumco watered them delicately with her breast milk and nurtured them delicately. When the fresh young green seedlings grew, this kind couple were greeted with the cheers and crying of the herdsmen. Subsequently the barley tsampa of Wenbu has become the sweetest food in Tibet. When heading to enjoy the affordable China tour package of Tibet, just make sure the memory card of your camera has enough space.

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