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Gorgeous Impression Dahongpao in Wuyi Mountain China

Impression Dahongpao is the fifth installment of renowned director Zhang Yimou 's "Impression" series. Impression Dahongpao's stage covers nearly one hectare. With a budget of 200 million yuan, or more than 29 million US dollars, the 70-minute show boasts a 360-degree angle setting and seating capacity of two thousand. Elements of traditional stone and woodcarvings, residential housing, and the architectural style of Wuyi Mountain have been combined in the stage design. If you want to discover the beauty of Wuyi Mountain further, appreciating the Impression Dahongpao along your last minute deals for China travel is highly recommended here.

The show, set in a tea park, projects the appearance of a giant teahouse, with waitresses dressed in traditional folk costumes serving Dahongpao, or Red Robe Tea, a Wuyi Mountain specialty with the reputation as China's "tea king". The impression Dahongpao would be a great highlight along your China travel deals of Fujian China.

Wang Chaoge, one of the general directors, said, "Tea is the essential aspect of the spectacle. What we are willing to tell people is that the quality of tea and the way we drink it is not important at all. What it matters is the mood we have when we drink. If you have the appropriate feeling, you are able to enter the space of zen and dispel the hustle and bustle urban life. Through the performance, we ask people to pursue peace and enjoy life." It is no wonder that so many businessmen request their tour agents to arrange the Impression Dahongpao along their China business tour while they are praying for good luck in on the Wuyi Mountain.

The idea is split into five chapters, and most of the performers are Wuyi Mountain locals.Zhang Yimou launched his Impression series with"Impression Sister Liu" in 2003, which is still running in Guilin. He continued the series with"Impression Lijiang" in 2006 and "Impression West Lake" in 2007. No China tour packages to Zhejiang province is memorable enough if the fabulous Impression Dahongpao is missed.

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