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Beguiling West Sichuan Alpine Grassland in China

Ruoergai, red – Prairie is the largest grassland in Sichuan province, an area of nearly 30,000 square kilometers, is made up of meadow grassland and marshes, 25,000 of the Red Army in the long March through here on several occasions. Brings together the White Swan with a large number of migratory birds and wildlife such as deer, deer farm in scenic spots, Sun Lakes, white WA monastery, Dag monastery. River Bend swing, winding; Niu E Lake dot, single Bay landscape. If you want to extend your
China travel deals on promotion, you could pay extend to Chengdu in your Sichuan trip. In this case, West Sichuan Alpine Grassland has much to offer to you.

Red – Savannah is where the Tibetan nomads live in ruoergai, red of the original Tibetan rites are youth, worship, see elder friend presented Hada. Unique scenery here folk customs, Golden Buddhist temple near. June-September in Prairie high qishuang days, Sunrise, dawn, dotted with tents, smoke-filled, diffuse field of cattle and sheep, pastoral yoyo, new flavor. Grasslands can be visited content-rich can enjoy beautiful grassland scenery, pastoral music, angling fish in the Yellow River for a picnic, you can also taste the fragrance of tea, pure Highland barley wine; you can horseback ride grasslands, sika deer pastures, can go to nine the first bend of the Yellow River worry WINS, living in tent hotels, can go to the forest gathering wild mushrooms, can also visit to the temple to worship. It is no wonder that so many travelers particularly request their China tour agents to arrange the sublime West Sichuan Alpine Grassland in their itinerary.

Unlike the short, summer-green alpine grassland in many other parts of the world, those in New Zealand are dominated by large, long-lived, evergreen tussocks of Chionochloa, collectively known as snow tussock. Some alpine grasslands are formed by shorter, evergreen grass species, notably in the genera Chionochloa, Poa and Rytidosperma. No affordable China tours to Sichuan are complete if the boundless West Sichuan Alpine Grassland is not arranged in the itinerary.

Which grass dominates is determined by a complex set of interacting variables. These include seasonal rainfall levels (mostly an east–west gradient), north–south species distribution patterns, soil characteristics, how long snow lies on the ground, and disturbances such as avalanches. Your private China tour of Sichuan would be greatly highlighted by the breathtaking West Sichuan Alpine Grassland.

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