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Explore Changdao Natural Reserve Shandong China

Changdao Natural Reserve, the national natural reserve which is situated at the north end of Shandong Peninsula, was established in 1982 with an area of 5,015 hectares.

Locating at the Huanghai and Bohai Seas rendezvous, the Changdao Nature Reserve belongs to the sub-Huanghuai area of the ancient North China zone, and houses an extreme variety of wild animal and plant resources, of which more than 230 species are migrants, including 41 species such as red-crowned crane, white stork, swan, golden eagle and cinereous vulture are under the key national protection, and 164 species are listed into the Sino-Japan Migrant Agreement, in which a total of 227 species of migrants are concluded for protection. If you want to discover the northern border area of China along your China travel , paying a visit to the breathtaking Changdao Natural Reserve would offer you what you need.

Since 1984, the Changdao Nature Reserve began to make registration of birds and put ring marks on more than 30 kinds of birds. There is the most important one of the three major ways, along which the migrants are coming in spring and leaving in autumn. The fine natural environment and plentiful wild animal and plant resources make the Changdao Nature Reserve a rare base for studying the migrating law of migrants in China's eastern seashores. To the China travel packages of Chinese island discovery theme, Changdao Natural Reserve would be a must-have element for the exploration.

Changdao Island has an Asian eastern monsoon continental climate. This means that the winter here is warm and summer is cool. The unique geographical location and advantageous natural conditions make it a post-house for migrating birds. Every year, tens of thousands of birds of more than 200 breeds fly pass here. Changdao Island is surrounded by the sea on four sides with beautiful sceneries and thus it is called "Fairyland in the Sea”. Changdao Island has made great contribution to China tourism, especially to the local tourism development.

It is with beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, fresh air, elegant environment, multiple strange reefs and stones, as well as natural wonders such as the mirage, haizi, advection fog, etc.; Changdao is the cradle of the Eight Immortals legend, with a wonderful name of "Immortal Mountain Offshore”. The air environment quality reaches national primary standard, and the negative oxygen ion per cm 3 in the air are as high as 20,000, it is known as the natural “Oxygen Bar”. Due to millions of migratory birds by way of Changdao every year, it enjoys a good fame of “Post House” for migratory birds, being a national natural reserve, famous scenic spot, and forest park. Your affordable China tours of Shandong would definitely be highlighted by the breathtaking Changdao Natural Reserve.

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