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Enchanting Zhaosu Grassland in Yili Xinjiang China

China is a large tourist country in the world, which has much to offer for visitors, from natural scenery, historical sites to cultural sites. Follow this article to discover the sublime Zhaosu Grassland in Ili to obtain more idea about your China travel. Zhaosu Grassland in Ili, northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The blooming cole plants fill fields with vibrant yellow and green colors each summer.

It means “the slope of Sun” in Mongolian. Kongnaiz Grassland, in broad sense, is a general name used for grasslands in Kongnaiz River basin, mainly located in Territory of Xinyuan County with an area of over 733 thousand hectare. It is the home of Xinjiang fine-fleece sheep and Ili horse which is also called “Heavenly horse”. The landscape of Kongnaiz grassland is beautiful all the year round, especially the spring season when the grassland looks like a green blanket dotted with various wild flowers. If you are a photographer-lover, paying a visit to Zhaosu Grassland along your China travel packages of Yili Xinjiang would never get you disappointed.

Qiahe Waterfallshaped by Qiahepu River, 3 kilometers southwest of the seat of Xinyuan County, is one of key scenic spots in Kongnaiz. To north of the grassland lies Kuokeqiaoke (means green mountain) Mountain on whose northern slope grow tree woods and the only wild fruit in the country, including Saiwei wild apple, Maling (bramble), European plum, etc. Covering Xinyuan County and Gongliu County, a natural reserve was established around the mountain for fruit tree species resource, and a wild fruit woods improvement farm has been established. It is no wonder that every summer many people flock here to photograph while enjoying their China travel service booked.

About 2,000-3,000 meters above sea level, the Zhaosu Grassland is located on the lower slopes of the Tianshan range. With the surrounding majestic peaks, tall spruce trees, golden rape flowers, white yurts and galloping herds of horses, this grassland resembles a gorgeous painting. Standing on the grassland, you would have an illusion of immersing in the paradise on a Shangri-la travel.

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