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Discover the Jinmao Tower Shanghai Further

The observation deck on the 88th floor is one of the AAAA scenic spots in China, and China's biggest observation deck with a panoramic view of Shanghai. At a height of 340.1 meters and with a built-up area of 1,520 square meters, the Skywalk is the tallest and biggest one of its kind in China, and becomes a new tourist destination of Shanghai. Access is through two express elevators with a capacity of 33 passengers each from the basement that travel at 9.1m per second and take only 45 seconds to reach the top. Standing there and looking afar, visitors can get a panoramic view of the dynamic metropolis, the sky submerging in the sea at the mouth of the Yangtze River, the landscape lighting at night and a topside view of the hotel atrium below. The Skywalk is a new spotlight of Shanghai's scenery. You should never miss capture the stunning views through the Observation Deck along your Shanghai China travel.

J.LIFE is a fashion and recreation center in Jin Mao Tower, and a new fashion landmark for the elegant lifestyle. J.LIFE is in the 6-level podium building of Jin Mao Tower with a floor space of 14,921 sq m. It is designed to be an elegant and refined upscale fashion and recreation venue, whose service is categorized into three scopes: leisure service (SPA, beauty hair salon), luxury brand retails (world famous watches, suits, leather shoes made at order) and Chinese and western cuisine catering. Right here customers can not only explore the pleasure of shopping, but also enjoy VIP services as in a five-star hotel like post-shopping refreshments, personal image design consulting, invitation for purchase priority of fashionable clothes like new arrivals. The J-Life now becomes a new fashion landmark for its elegance, exquisite architectural style, service tailored to customers' needs. Visiting the J.LIFE and relax yourself at the J.LIFE along your affordable China tours of Shanghai would offer you more idea about this metropolis.

Jin Mao Concert Hall sits on the ground floor of Jin Mao Tower’s podium building. It consists of the 395-seated concert hall and the art corridor, and mainly hosts performances of chamber music, modern drama and Jazz. Qin Liwei, a famous cello virtuoso, has been invited to be the Art Director for the concert hall. Staying in the Jin Mao Concert Hall to appreciate the concert would be an unforgettable experience along your private China tour of Shanghai.

Jin Mao Concert Hall regularly invites musicians for various concert and Jin Mao music forum. Apart from having it well equipped with the advanced audio & visual equipment, the management is dedicated to make it the ideal place for cultural and art events, and artistic cultural destination. To any music-lovers, Jin Mao Concert Hall would undoubtedly be a must-have along your China vacation packages of Shanghai.

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